Since 2005

Our Company History

We work in Saudi markets in the field of commerce and medical consultations and contribute to medical and health care activities with quality products that fall within the field of pharmaceutical and medical manufacturing to be a distinctive product for sterilization and health care work which needs the hospital, government institutions, airports and other vital sectors and in addition to our passion and accumulated experience in the field based on thoughtful, practical and scientific foundations and providing all consultations.

Our Values

Care = with its comprehensive and scientific concept

Respect = mutual respect between us and our valued customers

Creativity = Creative evolution in our services and products

Cooperation = Application of Cooperation in Shti Postponed Our Company for its Advancement

Honesty = Scientific and commercial in providing a service or product in the ideal form

Leadership = In showing the management workforce in our company’s success in the market

IOur resources and capabilities have come together to provide a vision for the future goals of the company and to strive to provide the best always in the light of the unity of our team members and the thoughtful plans we are pursuing on the land of our precious Kingdom.

IAchieving the best levels of publicity for our service activities and providing them ideally in keeping with the evolution and quality that will talk about us in the future – as well as paying attention to the most accurate details in the output of the service and the highest quality and in a satisfactory form to us and the customer at the end of the day and the great goal in how to find the customer’s constant confidence.

To have a strong customer base on which to build and become the best ambassadors for us – to achieve excellence and national commitment in our investment and services provided – and to provide competitive and suitable services and products for all – and to become one of the best companies in Saudi Arabia in the next 10 years, especially as we cherish what we have now and want to be the pioneers in our field and our activity.